Monday, January 30, 2012

Dog chewing on your Carpet ?

  1. This came from a friend who fosters dogs when they first get out of the shelter. She makes sure they get the proper Vetting, and she helps them learn basics like house training and some commands. Then they are ready for a "furever" home .
    dog-inheavenJan 29, 2012 02:53 PM
    What happened  Willie was he begun ripping up all the carpet in my house. I'm lucky as there is only 1100 sq. feet of it. The last pack of foster puppies I had helped me rip it up too. They loved pulling the carpet back. Jeez... what a mess.
  2. Willie WonkaJan 30, 2012 10:06 AM
    It's nice to hear from you. I know fostering those fur babies keeps you very busy !
    I found that sprinkling Cayenne pepper where they are chewing stops it quickly. I also put some on either side of the area they are chewing.
    You can try using double sided tape over the area they are chewing and tell them "NO".

    Double sided tape is helpful when you want to stop a cat form scratching your favorite chair also.

    More comments on my Facebook wall :

    • Chrissa Grant We have a lg open air pen in our kitchen when I catch our little one chewing on the carpet she goes in there for a few min and that will stop her.......... for about and hour LOL Love my babies more then the carpet!

    • Willie Wonka The "Time Out " is also a good idea, but it takes more time. In my case, Jasmine, our shelter baby, ate 2 different area rugs, not cheap ones but hand made tapestries. I wanted her to stop that immediately. Telling her"no." was not working. She would do it when she was left alone. Puppies will chew more but Jazz was over 1 year old when I got her.

    • Celeste Minar Thibault This one is from a carpet layer...if your puppy is chewing on the edges of wall to wall carpet...get down at eye level and check for stray backing fibres...they are shiny and irresistable to small pups looking for fun...clip them only the pile shows...I learned this one the hard

    • Willie Wonka Thank You - This is a very good suggestion!

Wise words from an 8 year old....

My 8 year old neighbor told me "you know you love your dog when he licks you all over your face and you do not wash it off " . I had to agree.....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pet Stains on Carpet Furniture, Etc.

Urine on carpet or furniture is a common problem for every pet owner. I am pretty sure that I have tried all of the commercial products over the years.  My favorite now is "Woolite Pet Urine Eliminator".  "Resolve Improved "also works well. even the best pet has an accident. If Woolite wants to send $ to Project Pets for this endorsement, we would welcome it : )  I always use a damp cloth and then blot it with a dry towel or paper towel..   Tell me your best solutions. I'd prefer some natural solutions if you have them .

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wesley For President !

Shelter Dogs Are Not Broken
                             They are just homeless animals looking for someone to love

Adopt , Never Shop !!  

Wesley , after only a few short lessons, was ready to run for White House Dog.
Watch Wesley speak his case : )
Click here :!

Check out this short clip of practice for one of Chris' shows

Adopting the Right Dog

                     Shelter Dogs are NOT broken. They are homeless animals looking for love. 

Adopting from today's shelters is not easy. If you know the breed you want, you will find YOUR breed in the shelter. ALL breeds end up there. Many have a "wish list" you can sign up . Labradoodles, Dobbies, Labs,  Poodles,  St. Bernard's, they all do. Walk along the cages and look at each one. Their approximate age,sex and breed will be listed.  The information is a "best guess" from the ACO  and it could be very wrong.  Think about how much time and energy do you want to put into your new family member . A 2 year old Jack Russell is going to want a lot more of your time than a 5 year old Golden.Mixes. If that animal has bitten anyone, the shelter would not adopt it out 

If you see a dog you like, get them out of the cage and as far away from the shelter as you can.  Please-  give them a few minutes to take care of business,. Spend some with them. I'd check to see how aggressive they are first. If you have children, or another pet, it's good if they are more passive. After spending some time talking to the dog and walking him as much as you can, let them feel your love. Pet them, pick up a paw and press between their pads lightly. See if they lick at your hand or they try to nip. While petting and being nice,  roll them over on their back and see if they stay there and let you rub there belly, or do they fight to get back up. Get a sense of them. It's hard in that environment, so give both of you a while together. 

You'll know when it's right. If the first dog is not, get another. They ll all need to get out, even if it is for a few minutes. You are doing them a big favor. Shelters always need help walking the dogs. 
I have a long list of things to look for when choosing the right shelter dog for you. 
I will be happy to send it to you on request.            
If I can meet you at the Guilford shelter and help you find the right animal , just let me know. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am asked this question a lot !!  

Keep in mind, " Let the Buyer Beware" is the law of the Internet
You have to be smart about where your money is going. This is very important !!! Be sure your money goes to helping the animals! You should ALWAYS check out any rescue before donating a penny. There are a lot of predators using social media like FaceBook, taking advantage of the hearts of people new to the rescue world.

You'll see " SAVE THIS BABY, SHE HAS 1 HOUR TO LIVE " or " SHE IS PREGNANT + "DIES AT 3:15 TUESDAY". They are tugging at your heart and not giving you time to check them out. I see a lot of well intentioned money  going to a "scammer's now . Million$ !! They are making a fortune at the expense of the animals.  Too many people take the easy way and hit the "chip-in" button, put in a credit card # and  chose to believe their money went to helping animals. There is little to no law enforcement chasing these thieves. That is the real truth. The IRS or the FBI can not keep up with the internet explosion. 

There are so many wonderful rescues, and millions of people involved in 
helping these homeless animals. Their image should not be tainted by the greedy few who take advantage of those who do not know better. The sad fact is our shelters kill approximately 7 million animals a year. We can not save them all. Understand that is a fact and be smart about where your money goes. If they are not doing home visits, if the animals are not vetted, including Spay/Neuter, they are not helping. That is NOT real rescue.That is adding to the problem. 

There are organizations that do track non profits such as "Morningstar " or " Charity Navigator ". There are many good rescues who are not 501c-3's though, and they are not rated. They still need help but you should always call the local shelter and check first.  

My friend Tammy Cameron, an officer in our non profit 501c3, " Project Pets- Spay, Neuter, Love", wrote a great reply on my Facebook wall defining what is a "real Rescue" . I am pasting it here along with my comments.          

I hope you will offer some of your own. 


" When I researched your question I came across many different opinions on what you should look for. Here are some of the ones I like to see. A reputable rescue has a contract, screens every potential adopter with a MANDATORY home visit before a pet is placed there, incl. foster/temporary basis and requires references. 

A reputable rescue follows through on contacts and references and investigates each thing completely. 

A reputable rescue has references from shelters in their area and works with those shelters. 

A reputable rescue checks on the care of the previous or current pets with the vet, to ensure future pets will have proper medical attention.

A reputable rescue spays/neuters all pets before placement. 

A reputable rescue makes sure animals are up to date on all vaccines, and microchips where appropriate to ensure all pets are healthy, up to date on all shots, worm prevention, and received necessary vet care before placement . 

A reputable rescue always takes its adopted animals back if the placement isn't successful. 

A reputable rescue keeps animals in foster care, or in situations where the animal was at a shelter, works with shelter staff for a short period of time before placing them, to screen for health or behavior problems. 

A reputable rescue helps educate new adopters, and may require adopters to participate in training courses to assist in a good adoption. 

A reputable rescue always returns calls or emails in a timely fashion. 

A reputable rescue works carefully to match up the right forever home with the right pet, based on the pet's needs/personality/etc. 

A reputable rescue will help adopters make decisions about which animal is a good fit for their home, and will offer advice and assistance on meeting the correct animal for the adopter.

A reputable rescue may ask that all family members and resident pets meet the new animal before an adoption is finalized. ( Where breed appropriate, several meetings may be required) . 

A reputable rescue will never ask an adopter to take an animal "sight unseen" or take an animal arriving in on a transport right to a new home. 

A reputable rescue makes an effort to work in harmony with the shelters, humane societies and animal control facilities.

A reputable rescue will have a cordial and informed relationship with other rescues. 

A reputable rescue is not for profit, and works on adoptions, not with sales and fees. 

A reputable rescue takes responsibility for the animals adopted through them for the span of each animal’s life, not "just” for the span of foster care or transport. 

A reputable rescue carefully screens incoming animals for temperament and health, and has met and interacted with animals being offered for adoption. 

A reputable rescue does not offer animals to be used for breeding, and should not promote animals with unstable or unknown temperaments. 

A reputable rescue never places an animal as a surprise to the intended adopter. 

A reputable rescue never places an animal as a gift to the intended adopter. The rescue will always involve the recipient in the decision to adopt as well as the application, home visit, and selection of the pet. 

A reputable rescue places the welfare and happiness of the animal first, and screens the homes to ensure that the placement is a sound one for that animal. 

A reputable rescue will never “hurry up” a process, or waive requirements simply for the convenience of the adopter. 

A reputable rescue requires an application form and adoption contract. 

A reputable rescue requires a legal release form for owner-surrenders. 

A reputable rescue is recommended as a "good breed rescue group" by at least two established non-profit shelters in its own area. 

A reputable rescue operates as an official public charity OR as a not-for-profit organization.

A REAL Rescue organization knows how many animals it can afford to care for properly. They know when to say "NO MORE " .

Willie Wonka: .
The bottom line is you have to be smart and willing to do some research before sending in the $5,!0, $100 to anyone.You should ALWAYS check.    
There are so many wonderful rescues and millions of people involved is helping these homeless animals. Their image should not be tainted by the greedy few humans who take advantage of those who do not know better. The sad fact is our shelters kill approximately 7 million animals a year. 

We can not save them all until we replace this broken shelter system.

Take the time to know where your money goes. If they are not doing home visits, if the animals are not vetted, including Spay/Neuter, that is NOT real rescue. That is adding to the problem. There are several organisations that do track non profits such as "Morningstar" and " Charity Navigator " which rates how well they spend the money donated to them.  

There are many good rescues who are not 501c-3's though, and they are not rated. Call their local shelter and check with them. You can also call another rescue in that city and ask . I have found that is best. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Dog's Day

It's a nice day here in NC. and I decided to take Jazz for a nail trim before we waked. 
At Petsmart , her personal nail assistant said I could wait another 10 days or 2 weeks, 
So, Jasmine found a new toy instead. She loves that store !! 
We leave and drive towards the park. Wait !!!!!  First,  
We stop at Brewster's Homes made ice cream and Jazzy gets her sundae ( Vanilla yogurt) and I get mine ( hot fudge) .  Hers is gone in 12 seconds. Mine doesn't last much longer. 
Yummy ! 
She's such a happy girl, hanging her head out the window, ears flying back,  on her the way to the park. It's a sunny, warm 60 degree day . 
We get to the parking lot  and she can't wait to get out . 
She already can see lots of squirrels !  
Easy, easy, Jazz, and we walk together to the small walking trails we prefer. 
She leaves her mark in a few "strategic" spots, much like any male. 
Slowly she settles in , with a gentle tug on her leash and "whoa" if she starts to pull me.  
This is not the park to let her off her leash so we are content to walk the mile of trails and look for deer, rabbits, a huge scary Owl, and critters. We often walk it more than once if I have time. 

We finally get back to the car, walking together now, the leash hanging loose . 
She corrects herself if it gets tight. She knows now. 
We have been together a year and a half. She is no longer a puppy. 
She knows the drill and what is expected, and she is a happy to do it. 
We get in the car and I offer her water, which she drinks 'cause she thinks I want her to.
Then Jazz climbs right on my lap, looks into my eyes , licks my face from my chin to my forehead and says " What Good Day !!! 
You Are my GOOD BOY !!! " 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am VP of a non profit 501c3 in NC Project Pets - Spay, Neuter, Love
Annie  has put a "chip in" for Project Pets on the front page of her web site. 
This is a great way to generate donations and spread the Project Pets Name. 
Who do you know with a web page ?? Ask them to link it to us.  It may help a 
LOT more than you think. Annie's site is a great resource for breast feeding 
mothers. She is our Angel, quietly doing all she can to help Project Pets spay and
 neuter as many as we can. 

Thanks Annie - from EVERYONE ♥♥   
With a lot of help, we can stop these babies from having homeless babies !                                                              

            Please visit our  "Project Pets - Spay,Neuter,Love" on Facebook 

Congrats Lisa !!

My friend Lisa Begin-Kruysman's blog covers topics about her book, and interviews with people she meets along her journey of life. Lisa is sharing what she learns, and some of it really is an eye opener,  as she gets more involved in the Animal rescue world.  Her E-Book , "Something Has Been Lost and Must Be Found" was just printed as a paperback !! Lisa has a nice, "easy to read" style.  I recommend her book!  . It is an enjoyable collection of short stories.  You can read more about Lisa, her blog and even an article about yours truly at

Monday, January 9, 2012

Guilford Shelter is FULL !

Guilford Shelter has too many animals !! The "Christmas presents" are being "returned " because they require upkeep. Please remind your neighbors, tell the secretary at school, Please ADOPT !
 * First Time Ever ......
  I will  help anyone who adopts a Guilford dog in Jan. to train that dog. I am not a professional trainer, but I am a dog. All these animals, (cats too), need a real home. We know what happens when they do not get adopted "quickly enough". I will help you train the dog you pick out !   
                               "Shelter dogs aren't broken, they've simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Don't pity a shelter dog. Adopt one. And be proud to have their greatness by your side."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dog Days Means "Good Days" in Greensboro, N.C.

Special Wishes & Happy Birthday To Lonnie Sterling, owner of Dog Days in Greensboro, N.C.  !!!
Lonnie and his wife, Kathy, are the owner/operators of "Dog Days" , a terrific "doggy day care "and boarding kennel in Greensboro, N.C. Lonnie has a highly unusual business plan. The dogs tell him what to do and he does it. This method has been working for many years now. 
                The building and play area are well maintained and clean. The animals all get to play with each other and have a very good time while they wait for their families to pick them up again. They even have video cameras and fancy stuff like that for the guardians, so where ever they are, they can check in on their fur-babies
               Lonnie & Kathy have a terrific program in place with the SPCA. They "Foster" one dog at a time, for as long as they need , until they find it a good home. Big dogs or small, Lonnie has loved them all. The SPCA picks the next lucky dog when the one they have gets adopted. This is exactly the kind of thing that people should know about a business owner when they chose to put their own pet in a day care,  I'd like to say thanks to Lonnie and Kathy from  all the fur babies they have saved !!
 Every one was given a second chance at a good life. 
That good life starts the day that dog meets Lonnie. 
W♥♥ F