Friday, February 10, 2012

Where did your cute puppy come from ??

below are some of the comments I got minutes after posting this photo: 

  • Claudia Mahan How sad and disgusting. Puppy Mills need and have to be outlawed by every state. This is no Life for those poor Dogs.

  • so sad wot can we all do to stop this

  • Michelle Arostegui Grimm Absolutely horrible!!!!! Wish everyone knew where their puppy came from when buying from a pet store (not saying all pet stores work with puppy mills but the ones that do).

  • Brenda Yohman Frick Thank you Willie for posting this. This is where that cute, little puppy you buy at the flea market, yard sale, etc., etc., comes from. One may think that they are "saving" a is NOT, one is perpetuating the problem. Get your companions from a reputable shelter or rescue. Then AND only then will one be saving an animal.

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  1. The sheriff just busted a puppy mill here in North Carolina. 150+ dogs all sitting in their own filth and many of them are sick. As always, people read the story and they want to go save one of these "purebred" dogs. Unfortunately, many of these animals are never going to be healthy and will certainly have more medical issues as they get older. They were bred to sell as puppies, not to grow up to be healthy dogs. Many of these "rescued" dogs are going to be PTS. People need to know where their pets come from !