Tuesday, May 15, 2012

* Shelter Revolution is a marketing campaign for promoting our innovative Adoption Center model. This new model paves the way to a new and exciting future. We are about SAVING LIVES - so much more than just 'not killing.'
*  This is not about shelter reform. Our Adoption Center model is a whole new concept. We are trying to reach animal lovers and the few shelter managers willing to look "outside the box" for solutions. We at Shelter Revolution want to end, not reduce, the needless deaths of millions and millions of beautiful animals every year. Bringing this chapter of US history to a close requires a bold new path.
*  Our goal is to turn the facility itself into a lively marketing tool. We must move today's shelter to "touch and feel" marketing centers and away from isolation and control. It is our desire to assist current shelter management willing to move beyond the model they have inherited. Fear of the unknown is what holds back the progressive managers.    *  Our Adoption Center model is the next step in the industry's direction. It is evolutionary and builds on progress to date. Think of the Adoption Center model as a combination of the industry's "best practices" and a few revolutionary solutions. We are leading the industry in a new direction...

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                                    I was interviewed on the Jeff Gellman radio show on Sat May 12th.  This pro did his homework!  The link is here. Now we have a web site, a video version and an audio . No more excuses. Join the Shelter Revolution and be a part of the solution. williesaves@gmail.com

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