Saturday, February 18, 2012

Telling people what to think and what to do ????? Nnaahhh.....

  • This question  below just came tonight  on FB from Rick.  I am going to answer him because I think he was really serious when he asked it. 

    Ever consider that what you really want is to tell people what to think and do, and folks don't listen because they resent the presumption?

     My reply: 

    • It has been considered...... and rejected, Rick.

      I, personally, would never tell someone HOW to think

      They is entirely up to them. I respect their right to make an informed
      decision , even if it is opposite mine. But, I do think that they have to
      be informed before they can make a good decision, don't you ?
      Wouldn't you read about the car before you bought it ? We want them
      to read about the politicians they vote for, We want the truth to be
      told about the broken shelter system and 8 million dead animals last
      year. We want someone to say "ENOUGH KILLING" and stop the
      madness. But that will not happen if they keep sticking their heads ,
      well, where they do not allow them access to pertinent information.

    • I do not want anyone telling me what to do and I would not tell'someone else what to do, as long as they were not harming
      anything. ( If I could make that Bold, I would)
      They are harming a lot of things now by remaining silent. As you well know, silence is consent and compliance.

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