Tuesday, May 15, 2012

* Shelter Revolution is a marketing campaign for promoting our innovative Adoption Center model. This new model paves the way to a new and exciting future. We are about SAVING LIVES - so much more than just 'not killing.'
*  This is not about shelter reform. Our Adoption Center model is a whole new concept. We are trying to reach animal lovers and the few shelter managers willing to look "outside the box" for solutions. We at Shelter Revolution want to end, not reduce, the needless deaths of millions and millions of beautiful animals every year. Bringing this chapter of US history to a close requires a bold new path.
*  Our goal is to turn the facility itself into a lively marketing tool. We must move today's shelter to "touch and feel" marketing centers and away from isolation and control. It is our desire to assist current shelter management willing to move beyond the model they have inherited. Fear of the unknown is what holds back the progressive managers.    *  Our Adoption Center model is the next step in the industry's direction. It is evolutionary and builds on progress to date. Think of the Adoption Center model as a combination of the industry's "best practices" and a few revolutionary solutions. We are leading the industry in a new direction...

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                                    I was interviewed on the Jeff Gellman radio show on Sat May 12th.  This pro did his homework!  The link is here. Now we have a web site, a video version and an audio . No more excuses. Join the Shelter Revolution and be a part of the solution. williesaves@gmail.com

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Re: News Record  Greensboro,NC  April 22, 2012 

Editors reply to my email about "Puppies for sale " ....... 

The Executive Editor, Jeff Gauger, at the News Record in Greensboro,NC. wrote a special piece, including parts of my email, about the photo they ran last week "Puppies for Sale". 
I appreciate his intelligent response to hearing some facts he had been unaware of and taking the initiative to write about it again, and helping more people to hear about it and think about this issue. Our homeless companion animals need all the help we can get them. This is proof that ONE voice makes a difference ! It should be yours ♥♥ 

Thursday, March 15, 2012


                                        The good news is another puppy mill was busted. 
80 more animals will be sent to the shelter. The bad news is 80 more will die because they have no room. Please share with your friends not involved with rescue. Recruit more help. Help find some homes. Donate to the shelter - towels, food, litter, etc.  
Everyone can do something !

Monday, February 27, 2012

Adopting the "FAMOUS" dogs

People LINED up on Sunday for a chance to get one of the many puppies rescued in a HSUS raid last month. The great news is many of these people had never been to the shelter before. I am hopeful they will adopt one of hundreds of dogs who have been there for a while. 

Everyone wants the "famous" dogs - and they have no clue what they are going to get. These animals were not bred with good health in mind - just their appearance when they are puppies. Most of them will have health issues as they get older. Many of these are Bulldogs who require a lot more grooming and daily "maintenance" than most dogs - and these people have no clue about it.

 All they know is they look cute in the TV stories . In many ways, this is very disturbing to me - I know that many will be returned or just abandoned when they are not cute little puppies anymore and they have not been house trained. These humans need to get trained before they get a dog who needs special care. There are SO many good, healthy dogs there to adopt........


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Telling people what to think and what to do ????? Nnaahhh.....

  • This question  below just came tonight  on FB from Rick.  I am going to answer him because I think he was really serious when he asked it. 

    Ever consider that what you really want is to tell people what to think and do, and folks don't listen because they resent the presumption?

     My reply: 

    • It has been considered...... and rejected, Rick.

      I, personally, would never tell someone HOW to think

      They is entirely up to them. I respect their right to make an informed
      decision , even if it is opposite mine. But, I do think that they have to
      be informed before they can make a good decision, don't you ?
      Wouldn't you read about the car before you bought it ? We want them
      to read about the politicians they vote for, We want the truth to be
      told about the broken shelter system and 8 million dead animals last
      year. We want someone to say "ENOUGH KILLING" and stop the
      madness. But that will not happen if they keep sticking their heads ,
      well, where they do not allow them access to pertinent information.

    • I do not want anyone telling me what to do and I would not tell'someone else what to do, as long as they were not harming
      anything. ( If I could make that Bold, I would)
      They are harming a lot of things now by remaining silent. As you well know, silence is consent and compliance.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Socializing your dog

Does your dog play nice with others ?
Everyone would like their dogs to get along well with all others but that is often not the case.
Here are some tips to help get your new dog socialized and to keep your older dog as friendly as they can be.

  • Obedience classes provide an environment where all the dogs are kept under control. This can be very helpful if your pet seems wary around other dogs. Organized classes give him the opportunity to be around other pups, but from a slight distance.
  • If you have friends with dogs, arrange play dates with one (carefully selected) dog at a time. Put your dog and his doggy friend in a safe, enclosed area and let them get to know each other. This is another low pressure social situation in which your pup can hone his skills without being overwhelmed by too many dogs, or an overly dominant dog. 
  • Get involved in dog agility competitions. These events provide a great opportunity for your dog to be around other dogs and people while getting lots of exercise and mental stimulation.
  • If agility isn’t appealing, there are lots of other activities that might be, including flying disc, dock jumping/dock diving, flyball, herding, hunt and field trials and musical freestyle. Dogplay.com is a good resource for exploring organized exercise and socialization possibilities.
  • A really fabulous socialization activity you can share with your pet, depending on his temperament and personality, is training to be a therapeutic visitation dog.
  • Another possible option for socialization and exercise is to enroll your pet in a doggy daycare program one or two days a week. The facility you choose should have a knowledgeable staff, separate play areas for dogs of different sizes, and supervised playgroups. Extensive temperament tests should be performed on all dogs to evaluate their behavior in the daycare environment. Introduction to the pack should be gradual for all new dogs.  A word of caution about doggy daycare facilities … most require at least yearly re-vaccinations for rabies, distemper, parvo and bordetella. Ask your vet if that is OK with them.  
  • Last but not least, never underestimate the socialization value of regular daily walks with your dog. You both get fresh air, stress-relieving and perhaps even heart-thumping exercise, and opportunities to encounter old and new two- and four-legged friends.