Thursday, December 22, 2011

we need to help Thomas Cole

‎****** C-A-S-E D-I-S-M-I-S-S-E-D! ******

Here's the letter I received today =

This 5 minute video tells the story accurately. It is case of a very good friend wrongly accused of dog theft , and his dog taken by sheriffs. We need email and phone calls in Jan. to help him get the dog back.

The city gave the dog back to his abuser.   1/23/12

Read the story below :

Thomas Cole  - Founder of Shelter Revolution
Personal Note :
Thomas is a good friend of mine and a huge friend of the animals .Two months ago, from Oct through Nov..2011,  he searched for 5 weeks in the forests in Minn. to find 2 dogs abandoned by a local rescue/shelter named BraveHeart Rescue Inc. When he finally tracked and trapped the female , he returned the dog, who had  survived a month in the woods with a muzzle on her mouth !!!  Brandi Tracy, the owner of the rescue was barely grateful and later accused him of trespassing on her property returning the dog. Although Brandi publicly stated several times that the brother was at her home and fine. Thomas followed his heart and continued searching, He had heard about a dog with no muzzle and he wanted to find him. In spite of the storms and cold Minnesota weather, Thomas Cole went out every day to check those traps making sure the dog had not finally taken the bait. Thomas was obsessed with finding him . He knew he had the ability to track him he just needed the time. Hunters looking for bounty on coyotes and many natural predators were looking for him also. He did find the dog and with help from locals and some police, he got that dog into his townhouse and into a spare bathroom where he was safe + warm.  At first Brandi said Thomas could have the sister, Lacy, also . The Sheriff brought over the paperwork, Thomas made some revisions and returned them, and then Brandi  cancelled her offer. Shortly after she filed Theft charges against Thomas - for finding a dog she said she did not have, who was not missing and she had abandoned buy every measure you use. This is insane. The worst o fit is that dog is sitting in a cage at the County Shelter scared to death and NO ONE will take him out of that cage. He has never been on a leash. Thomas was just showing him a harness but no leash. Thomas has the special skills needs to help this dog, Brandi does not. She is just using them to hurt crazy as this sounds, it is the truth. . I spoke to Tom almost every day for that month and I know how much he put into that search. He was out of food and out of gas when he found Strong Heart, I had just sent him some $ to hold him over. This is SO wrong !

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